Greystone is an income tax preparation company in Brantford, Ontario. We provide tax preparation for individuals, couples, small businesses and corporations at reasonable rates. Greystone also provides bookkeeping, GST/HST filing, T-slips filing, and payroll deductions calculations for small businesses and small corporations. Unlike most tax preparation companies, we provide tax filing all year round. We can also negotiate with the CRA to possibly reduce or eliminate any penalties owed. There are also multi-year discounts on top of the already reasonable rates. With our e-filing service, you can get your refund in as little as 8 business days! With quick deadlines, you can be sure that your taxes will be filed on time and accurately. If you are required to file an IRS 1040 form, we can do that for you! We can file a simple return (single or joint) and it will be sent to the IRS. We will even coordinate the filing of your T1 return with your IRS 1040 to reduce your taxes owing. If you need your taxes done in a hurry, or if you are late and want to reduce your penalties, give us a call, email us or click the links above to learn about how Greystone Taxes and Bookkeeping can help you!