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Greystone Taxes and Bookkeeping: Your Tax and Financial Partner in Brantford, Ontario

Welcome to Greystone Taxes and Bookkeeping, your trusted partner for all your income tax preparation and financial needs in Brantford, Ontario. We specialize in providing professional and affordable tax services for individuals, couples, small businesses, and corporations.

Our Services:

·        Income Tax Preparation: Our expert team is well-equipped to handle your tax needs efficiently and accurately. We take pride in offering competitive rates for our comprehensive tax preparation services.

·        Bookkeeping: In addition to tax preparation, we offer expert bookkeeping services to help you maintain organized financial records for your small business or corporation.

·        GST/HST Filing: We assist small businesses in filing their GST/HST returns accurately and in compliance with tax regulations.

·        T-Slips Filing: Our team can take care of your T-slips filing requirements, ensuring that your financial documentation is in order.

·        Payroll Deductions Calculations: For small businesses and corporations, we provide precise payroll deductions calculations, making your payroll processes seamless.

Year-Round Tax Filing: Unlike many tax preparation companies, we understand that tax matters are not confined to a specific season. That’s why we offer year-round tax filing services to cater to your needs whenever they arise. We can also engage with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf to explore opportunities for reducing or eliminating penalties.

Special Discounts: To make our services even more accessible, we offer multi-year discounts on top of our already competitive rates.

Efficient E-Filing: Experience the convenience of e-filing with Greystone Taxes and Bookkeeping. Our e-filing service ensures you receive your tax refund in as little as 8 business days. We prioritize quick turnarounds, guaranteeing that your taxes are filed accurately and on time.

IRS 1040 Form Filing: If you have IRS 1040 form filing requirements, we’ve got you covered. We can efficiently prepare and file your simple returns, whether single or joint. We also coordinate the filing of your T1 return with your IRS 1040 to help minimize your tax obligations.

Get Started Today: Whether you’re in a rush to get your taxes done or looking to reduce penalties for late filing, Greystone Taxes and Bookkeeping is here to assist you. Contact us via phone, email, or click the links above to discover how our experienced team can help you achieve your financial goals.